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Peggy LaskyPeggy Lasky
17:20 01 Aug 22
Best place to go for adjustments! Friendly, accommodating for appointments, good results! Love it!
Lindsey OmanLindsey Oman
17:13 01 Aug 22
THE BEST CHIROPRACTOR EVER!!! They offer adjustments, manual massages, therapy, and so much more. Everyone is so friendly the second you walk into the door. Everyone needs a place like Eaton Chiropractic in their life.
Cassandra L. EnloeCassandra L. Enloe
21:08 11 May 22
The clinic is very nice. Really helped with my issue. Would still be going but my insurance limits u now on how many visits a year u can have.
Gina ColburnGina Colburn
17:39 31 Mar 22
The absolute best chiropractor office I have ever been to. I have been going here 7 years and every time I come everyone is very cheerful and happy to help. Not to mention that the chiropractic care is fantastic. It has kept me functioning throughout the years. I recently had to bring my five-month-old daughter in for chiropractic care. After four visits she was 100% better. I can’t thank Dr. Eaton and his staff enough for everything that they do. I recommend them and their staff to anyone seeking chiropractic intervention.
Mid NightMid Night
01:39 08 Mar 22
Best bone crackers around. Got me golfing again. Just go!

When I came into see Dr. Eaton and his staff, my shoulder was so painful I was having difficulty sleeping. After spending time with him, getting a proper diagnosis, and participating in his treatment plan, I am almost pain free! I am able to get a food night’s sleep and perform daily activities without struggle. Dr. Eaton and his staff are so pleasant, compassionate, and kind –  it is always a wonderful experience when I have an appointment!

—- Laure P. 5/24/16

Therapy and adjustments have helped tremendously. Thank you Dr. Ream!

—- Jen M. 5/17/16

Before coming to see Dr. Eaton, my symptoms were so bad it effected my sleep, house and yard chores. It’s amazing that I was living in so much pain! Every treatment, I got better and I noticed drastic improvements. Thanks to Dr. Eaton & the physical therapy gals, I have more energy, sleep like a baby & I’m able to be more active (lose weight).

—- Katie L. 5/17/16

My lower back pain was so bad that I couldn’t sleep well before coming to see Dr. Eaton and his staff. I am now able to sleep without the help of Aleve.

—- Kathy B. 5/16/16

I came in for not being able to sleep well from shoulder pain and waking up a lot during the night. Now I sleep almost completely through the night without any pain.

—- Tyler B. 5/5/16

I’m feeling great after all I have been through. I’m very grateful for the Doctors and staff. Great job!

—- Ray B. 5/4/16

I thought that surgery was becoming closer and closer, but with the therapies and exercise I feel SO much better. Thank you all!

—- Carla B. 4/21/16

I came here in pain where I couldn’t sleep or walk. Over the past few weeks of coming here, the pain is gone and the staff is super nice. I would tell everyone with back pain to come here. Thank you Vanessa for the great back massages and the Doctors for the adjustments. Now I can get back to work and enjoy my hobbies.

—- Ray B. 4/21/16

The treatment Dr. ordered was great. It has helped me so much not only with my everyday activities, but also my sleep. Thank you so much!

—- Teresa H. 4/21/16

Dr. Eaton and his staff have helped me with neck pain over the past few months and now I can start doing my normal routine with little to no pain.

—- Rachael H. 4/11/16

I was scared to see a chiropractor at first, but the staff & doctors here were great at explaining everything & making you feel extremely comfortable. I had neck pain that would give me migraines. I felt relied after just a couple visits & its gotten better since then. I love the staff they are so friendly & engaging.

—- Amanda M. 4/5/16

​I was not able to drive, turn my head, or lift anything without my neck hurting. My muscles use to ball up and it was extremely painful. Ever since I started here at Eaton Chiropractic, most of my pain had gone away and I am able to continue with life.

—​- Cassandra M. 3/24/16

​​I’ve been coming here for a year. I have been continuing with wellness adjustments after the therapy was over to just help me maintain. I received therapy again this year when mu lower back flared up. After the treatment I am now feeling great. They saw me at my weakest state and worked with me to put me back on track. for that I am so grateful. I will still continue with adjustments. Love all the girls there!!

—- Phyllis R. 3/23/16

​Dr. Eaton and every staff member there are true professionals. From the ladies at the front desk, to the therapy area, to the doctors. They truly care about your well being and respect your time by not making you wait long. I will never go anywhere else!!

—​- Chris B. 3/1/16

​​I’ve been coming to Eaton Chiropractic on and off for about 2 years. My condition will always need to be dealt with, but when I come here on a regular basis things are a lot smoother for me! I am able to just live my life better. I have, and will recommend Eaton Chiropractic to everyone. Dr. Eaton is amazing and very thorough. The staff is also very kind and helpful!

—​- Anjelika E. 1/20/16

I had severe headaches, muscle/neck tension & sciatica pain before coming here. The Eaton Chiropractic staff helped manage my pain and kept me focused on keeping the range of motion and flexibility in my body even while not under “treatment”. A timely holistic approach to care in a fun friendly atmosphere. Thank you!

—- Cynthia O. 12/15/15

Success!! Chiropractic care immediately started to help my lower back pain. Every visit progressively helped. It has made such an incredible difference. Dr. Ream & all the staff are a joy! Service is exceptional. It is like a well oiled machine. They are very organized during every appointment. I am going to marry a chiropractor when “I grow up”! HAHA! Thank You!

—- Cris C. 12/14/15

My pain has been greatly lifted ever since I have been coming to Eaton Chiropractic. Thank you to all of you who have participated in my care! 🙂

—- LaQuanta M. 11/11/15

As soon as I walk into the office I felt comfortable & welcomed by the staff. Dr. Eaton is very nice and kind and takes his time with his patients. I have had leg and back pain for years. I could not sleep due to the pain. Thanks to Dr. Eaton, I can sleep and I no long suffer from leg and back pain. Thank you Staff & Dr. Eaton!

—- Angie V. 11/5/15

I came into Dr. Eaton’s office with severe lower back pain and could barely walk. With adjustments and therapy I am now able to go to work and do my regular daily activities with little to no pain. I would happily recommend Eaton Chiropractic to anyone in need of chiropractic care. The doctors and staff are very nice and professional.

—- Kimi T. 11/3/15

This was my first time coming to a chiropractor. Coming here helped fix my small back issues I had, even more though, it almost completely reduced the pain in my hands/wrists from my carpal tunnel. Thank you!

—- Taylor O. 11/3/15

I felt the symptoms of herniated discs coming on again in my neck and upper back. I wanted a doctor to take a pro active approach in eliminating the pain before it became unbearable as in the past (summer of 2014). The doctors and the entire staff met and exceeded my expectations. I look forward to continuing a general maintenance relationship with this office for a long time.

—- James N. 8/5/15

Eaton Chiropractic is great!!​

Dr. Ream is Awesome!!

Since I have started my therapy here things have gotten a lot better with the movement in my neck and back. I started having some problems with my legs and ankles and Dr. Ream  was very helpful with giving me some insight on what the problems could be and how to inform my primary care physician of some rest that should be ran and what can be done to improve my overall health. And what can I say… Dr. Ream was right about EVERYTHING!!! Thank you for your patients and treating my every needs. The staff is very polite & welcoming. I would recommend Eaton Chiropractic care to Everyone!! I wouldn’t be my full self without them!

—- Sade F. 7/13/15

About 20 years ago I was in a car accident. I’ve been in pain ever since. I did physical therapy and had seen a chiropractor for awhile with no results. Years past with no real help from anywhere. A friend told me about Dr. Eaton and how he had rehab, therapy, and also did adjustments. I made an appointment and good results were almost immediate. After each appointment I feel better.​                                  Anyone looking for pain relief I tell them about Dr. Eaton!

—- Erica T. 6/25/15

I work in a rigorous atmosphere running my own business. I do a lot of heavy lifting and moving. The visits have loosened up my back and corrected the points of pain radiating down my left arm and left leg. It will allow me to keep working with more mobility.

—- 6/2/15

After trying several chiropractors, I have found Dr. Eaton to be the most effective. I enjoy the pleasant environment of his office and the friendless of his staff. He is the only chiropractor I will see now.

—- Jennifer L 7/9/15

I came to Eaton Chiropractic because my lower back was super tight and I could not stand up straight. ​After my treatments, I am able to stand up straight and the pain in my back is almost non-existent.

—- Mike S. 5/14/15

My work with horses requires my body to be in top functioning shape. I started with Eaton Chiropractic due to a shoulder injury. Through professional and diligent care after several weeks of multiple sessions per week my shoulder was well enough to get back on my horses, and regular born activities. ​From the initial exam and X-rays to the tens, roller table, massage, and adjustment, I felt that the entire scope of my health care was being seen to. I have full range of my shoulder back, and able to work with  my horses again to my full ability. Every visit my injury is reassessed and managed always with the goal of getting me back in top performing condition. The staff is always friendly, helpful, and professional.

—- Nicole A. 5/7/15

Coming to the end of my 12 session therapy with Eaton Chiropractic, I now have full range of motion in my shoulder. As an equine instructor/ trainer I use every aspect of my body in my work. The thorough care from the ease of check-in where I can list all my symptoms, to the therapy staff, on down to Dr. Eaton himself streamlines the visit in a timely manner. The professional manner in which the whole staff cares for you makes you feel like you are getting the best care. Going from being incapacitated to full use of my shoulder in 12 sessions, and having successful use of my shoulder is proof the process works!

—- Nicole A. 5/18/15

There is no doubt in my mind the care that I received had helped my quality of life. I’m retired so pain is  important ​in my daily life. I have also learned self help options in pain management. Thank You!

—- Dennis F. 5/11/15

I​ am very grateful that I started coming here. I had bad nerve pain in my lower back which would limit me from sitting long or driving my car. After coming here, now I am 100% better. I would recommend it to anyone with nerve or back problems!

—- Dale O. 4/30/15

​Overall, I feel much better than I have in months! I will make sure to keep up with my exercises at home and see Doc often for adjustments and wellness checks to make sure I don’t end back up where I was when I first started treatment!

—- Titilayo A. 4/7/15

Before starting treatment I was unable to sit for any length of time without a lot of pain and discomfort in my hip. After treatment I am able to make it through my work day with little to no discomfort.

—- Andra S. 3/9/15

Since I’ve been coming to my therapy sessions I am getting better each day. I have some moderate pain, but nothing to the extent, as my first few visits here were. I still need some work done but I’m coming around. The doctors and the staff have been great in helping me to get back to normal.​

—- Terry M 3/16/15

Living with fibromyalgia is a daily struggle. Without the care & support I get from everyone at Eaton Chiropractic ​I couldn’t manage everyday life. They help me so much at keeping my body running! Thank you all so much!

—​- Cindy B. 3/5/15

I’m using better posture and have strengthened the muscles that helped straighten my back . I feel a lot better & can do anything I want. Opposed to when I couldn’t even sleep due to the pain.​

—- Chris A. 3/2/15

I came into Eaton Chiropractic with chronic lower back pain. It was something I would just work though. After 2 visits, my back felt much better. It is getting better each day. I’m sure I will ​continue treatment once I am finished. Everyone here is so nice. Dr. Ream is the best chiropractor I have seen. He is very knowledgeable and helpful.

—- Elizabeth C. 2/27/15

When I first came to Dr. Eaton it felt like my lower back had a razor blade in it. After seeing Dr. Eaton the pain is 100% gone and has never came back. I continue to see him for adjustments as needed for alignment. Feeling great as I train for my 1st half marathon.​

—- Gwen O. 2/26/15

I came in with shoulder pain and it was effecting my daily activities such as dressing or weight lifting. But with therapy and treatment it is basically as good as new.​

—- Andrew M 2/23/15

My back is feeling less stiff and is feeling better all the time.

—- Jesse T 2/18/15

I was in a car accident and hurt my neck, lower back, and my right hand. After seeing Dr. Eaton for a few weeks the pain in my lower back is completely gone. The pain in my neck is almost completely pain free. The numbness in my right hand is only intermittent now and the tingling is gone. The staff were all so professional, personable, and showed a genuine concern for the patient. I will recommend Dr. Eaton to friends & family.​

—- Christine O. 2/18/15

Dr. Eaton and his staff have been great! I love coming here. The treatment has been working ​for me. The pain was severe before I was coming here, but now the pain has gone down. Thank you everyone for the help! Now I can do a lot more.

—- Neicie W. 2/17/15

After a short amount of time of therapy, I can’t believe how much better I am feeling. The exercises really helped relieve the pain. The staff is super friendly. Thank you all for your help.​

—- Emily H 2/11/15

As a senior citizen I expected some aches and pains, but knew I needed help when I could no longer get a decent nights sleep. After a few hours of sleep the pain in my shoulders and lower back would wake me up and I would have to walk around or sit in my recliner. After an hour or so I could go back to bed for a couple more hours of sleep. Dr. Eaton and his staff to the rescue. After X-Rays and examination, I was diagnosed with cervical and lumbar arthritis. With adjustments, and therapy I am able to sleep better and again play an active role in my grand-children’s lives. My deepest thanks to everyone at Eaton Chiropractic and especially Dr. Eaton.​

—​- Rose C. 2/10/15

​Since I have been coming to Eaton Chiropractic I am in much better shape. I have been able to sit for longer times with no pain.

—​- Patty S. 2/10/15

​I started having sciatic nerve pain in Nov 2014. I have a very physical job and the pain was getting to be unbearable. I called Eaton Chiropractic and right away felt welcomed and eager for my first visit. Everyone here is so friendly. I had never been to a chiropractor before and Dr. Ream and all the therapy ladies put me at ease. After 6 weeks I feel like I am nearly 100% back to normal. I’d like to thank Dr. Ream and everyone here for making me a success story!

—​- Kelly H. 2/5/15

Chiropractic care is the best! I went from barely walking and low ambition to being full of ambition and mobility. No drugs or pain relievers for me! Plus Dr. Eaton has the best staff- always friendly & courteous.​

—​- Michelle D. 2/4/15

When I first came into Eaton Chiropractic I couldn’t bend down to put on my own socks or shoes because my back hurt so bad. Now I am able to bend and touch my toes with little to no discomfort. I have also been able to do more at work and at home.​ Dr. Eaton has also fixed my neck, and I have not had a headache since my first appointment. I use to have one everyday the minute I woke up. My quality of of living had improved a great deal. Thank you

—​- James L. 12/14/14

After starting therapy I have noticed a huge difference in my everyday activities. Normally my neck and should area would hurt would hurt at least 4 days out of the week limiting the activities I could do on those days. After a few weeks of therapy I now only have 1 day a week if any where I am having some issues. Everyone here is so friendly and kind. It makes it nice coming in here.

—- Breanna C. 12/2/14

I came in desperate because of severe pain in my neck, left shoulder, and left arm. I was in a lot of pain. I couldn’t even function. Within 3-4 visits with Dr. Eaton’s help & he girls massage therapy the pain went away. Thank You!

​—- John C. 11/16/14

Before coming to Dr. Eaton I had a couple of surgeries​ that messed up my lower back and hips. There was NO crossing my legs, there was NO lying on my stomach, lots and lots of pain that started to move down my legs. My family doctor wanted to do back surgery, but I heard about Dr. Eaton and finally made an appointment. Meeting Dr. Eaton was the best thing I did. No back surgery was needed! Working with the girls in therapy and him has been life changing. I CAN cross my legs, I CAN bend, I CAN sleep. It’s been a couple of months, but I’m almost back to normal. Coming to Eaton Chiropractic was the best thing I did for my back and lower hips. I know when my therapy is over with Dr. Eaton I will surely miss all of them there. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

—- Rachel C. 10/6/14

​When I first came to Dr. Eaton, I was barely able to move. Playing softball was out of the question. Now after coming here, my lower back and hip have little to no pain. I am also back to playing softball 4 nights a week! Without the help of Dr. Eaton and his staff I would not be doing what I love.

—​- Chelsea A. 9/1/14

Back in 1999 I was in a bad car wreck. My back was fractured in two places. For the last 14 years I’ve had horrible back pain and numbness in my legs. No doctor was ever able to provide relief for me, but then after just a few weeks with Dr. Eaton doing adjustments I feel 90% better then I have in years. I just cannot hank him and his staff enough. They are all just the most wonderful people.​

—​- Amber W. 8/29/14

I came to Dr. Eaton with neck pain and chronic migraines. After a few weeks my neck pain was much more tolerable. I no longer stay awake at night because of pain. After a month my headaches have also been relived. This is a great success for my as medications have failed to relieve my migraines! Dr. Eaton and his staff are fabulous!

—​- Carly B. 8/17/14

I had aches and pains in my upper back for years that was causing me to have migraines, I have been migraine free for several weeks after getting care from Dr, Eaton and the team. I am much more aware of badly positioning and able to modify my posture to support my spine and keep the pain at bay.

—- Stevie S. 6/1/14​

Since starting here, I’ve had major relief from previous lower back pain. I will have permanent problems but with continued care, it should be manageable. I can do all my everyday activities now with little to no pain at all.

—​- Michael A. 5/27/14​

When I first saw Dr. Eaton I was debating on having back surgery at 21 years old. The decompression therapy helped greatly. I went from having barely any feeling in my right leg and foot to having almost all the feeling back. The massages have also helped control the pain in my lower back. I am very happy with the results I have had from Dr. Eaton’s treatment plan. If I were to ever have problems again, I would come back!

—​- Megan Y. 5/11/14​

It has been a rough year for me, and Dr. Eaton has kept me mobile! The efforts of Dr. Eaton and his staff have allowed me to keep working and stay active in my families lives. Thank you all for your help!

—- Dan S 3/23/14

I often utilize my body in manners that cause pain and strain to complete my work. I am often sore, stiff, and sometimes completely​ immobile. Dr. Eaton and his staff always extend a bind and compassionate approach to my care. When I tweak my body to where I cannot move, Dr. Eaton adjusts me to where I can function and it always gets better. Here at Eaton Chiropractic they don’t just adjust and get you out the door, they correct the underlying issues with therapy exercises. They attempt to correct the poor posture or incorrect techniques to avoid further injury. They have made getting well a very comfortable and caring experience where they treat you like family. I will always trust my back to Dr. Eaton and the staff at Eaton Chiropractic.

—​- Wade W. 2/4/14

Since starting my chiropractic care I have noticed a difference in my range of motion in my neck and back. I also have noticed that my posture and sleeping has improved.

—- Devin L. 1/6/14

A few months ago my neck and lower back were so full of knots I could barely move or perform normal everyday household duties. With a few months of Chiropractic care and therapy, I feel very few symptoms of knots or stiffness in my neck or lower back. I’m back to my normal life. I can go back to caring for my children, house, and I’m back to doing my homework as well.

​—- Darla S. 1/4/14

When I came here I was in severe pain in my lower back. I had gone to urgent care and my family doctor and had no relief. The pain was so bad that I could not sit at my desk and work, and I could barely walk without wincing. After dealing with that for 2 weeks I came here. And within only a few adjustments I was feeling better, and able to sit for long periods! I was now able to walk without pain. After a few more visits I felt 100% better!

—- Chelsea S. 11/13/13

Overall experience was great from beginning to end!

Great job!

—- Earl K. 10/1/13

I was unable to perform many routine activities prior to my treatment. For example getting out of bed was a major feat often requiring assistance and involving substantial pain.

I am now able to perform most tasks without pain or discomfort.

I originally didn’t respond to the basic adjustments. However, once my treatment was switched to spinal decompression, the positive results were evident from day 1.

It had been a pleasure working with Dr. Eaton and the staff at Eaton Chiropractic on fixing my back. All there were immediately responsive to my needs. I have improved so much since starting my treatment with them. Thank to all for the support & expertise.

—- Donna L. 8/8/13

When my back pain flares up, I come in to Dr. Eaton. Within a few visits of seeing him I feel amazing with full mobility and the ability to complete all of my activities.

—- Frank M. 7/27/13

Since seeing Dr. Eaton my pain has gone from a constant pain level of 6-8 to now being a 2-4 at any given time. This may not sound like much, but has indeed had a large impact on my life. I perform a lot better in my courses now that decreased pain allows for better concentration. 🙂

—- Libby W. 6/22/13

I am very happy I decided to come in for my lower back pain. I sit and stand straighter now since I have came here. Over all I feel so much better. Dr. Scott is so nice and helpful even with my little pains that I have. Thanks to all the ladies who were so nice and friendly.

—- Jeff M. 6/12/13

In January I pulled my lower back out and was suffering from severe discomfort. Dr. Eaton and his staff was able to help me get back to normal and almost pain free in three treatments. I would recommend his staff and Dr. Eaton to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

—- Kelly R. 4/22/13

My upper back and right knee was hurting all the time with exercise. Dr. Scott did adjustments to the areas and I am with out pain for the first time in a long time. I had scar tissue on my knee, and Dr. Scott took care of it and my knee feels really good for one!

—- Dan D. 4/5/13

I’ve been to 2 other chiropractor’s and had very little results. After a few weeks of being here I feel 100% better! 🙂

—- Lucy F. 3/23/13

The first time I came here to Eaton Chiropractic I was having horrible neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. I had tremendous difficulty sleeping comfortably, standing for any length of time, or bending. After becoming a patient and receiving regular adjustments and therapy I am now able to rest comfortably and perform my daily activities with little to no trouble. My recovery also had something to do with how friendly and personable all of the staff is. I am very glad I came here for treatment!

—- Deb T. 1/28/13

When I came to Dr. Eaton’s office the first time, I was in a lot of pain. After a thorough exam and consultation, Dr. Eaton came up with a treatment plan that worked for me. His office staff is fantastic. I love how personal everyone is. My children even like to accompany me to appointments because they love the staff. Dr. Eaton helped me manage pain in my back and neck through two pregnancies, a car accident, and other body altering events. I feel like I can be a better mom because I can actually play with my children now. My pain level is gone now and I am so grateful

—- Peggy G. 1/26/13

I have dealt with reoccurring neck pain for over ten years. When I started having lower back pain that interfered with my job and other day-to-day activities, I decided to see a chiropractor. I picked Eaton and it was one of the best decisions I made. My condition was evaluated and diagnosed, a treatment plan was formulated and I began to see results right away. The pain I had been dealing with diminished steadily until it had no longer affected my daily routine. My range of motion returned in my neck and back. Eventually, any discomfort went away. I am currently pain free and feel ten years younger.

I heartily recommend Eaton Chiropractic to anyone. Dr. Eaton is thorough in his treatment, his staff of therapist are excellent and my entire experience with them has been positive and rewarding. My only regret is that I hadn’t gone sooner and chose to “tough it out” longer than I had to.

—-  Guy H.    8/9/12

Came in after a car accident with lower back pain and the treatment helped me with back pain as well as shoulder and knee pain. Thank you all! The staff also gave several tips on sleeping, sitting, and standing that helped me between treatments and I will continue to use.

—-  Talisha W.    8/8/12

My doctor referred me to see Dr. Eaton after I was involved in an automobile accident. At first I was nervous and admittedly a bit skeptical of the effectiveness of chiropractic care.

On my first visit, the staff’s professionalism and warm personalities helped to ease my anxiety. It was only a few short weeks until my skepticism was put to rest as well.

I’d like to thank everyone here for being so friendly and for providing me with knowledge on how to help myself.

—-  Ian F.    8/6/12

Before seeing the staff at Eaton Chiropractic I was completely unable to walk and stand without pain and discomfort. After having my child I returned to work 4 weeks post c-section. My body wasn’t ready for the work load. With all the pregnancy hormones leaving my body the tendons tightened in de-bilitating ways. Through adjustments I am able to work with much less pain. I can concentrate better, and have an overall better attitude.

—-  Cilla G.    8/6/12

When I came in the first of the month I couldn’t sit or stand without pain, and with 3 weeks or treatment I’m getting around like I’m back to normal.

—-  Richard H.    7/30/12

I came in with such bad neck and shoulder pain. With several weeks of treatment I was back to myself doing things I like to do. Thanks to all of the staff!

—-  Reg C.    7/17/12

Eaton Chiropractic’s therapeutic and neuromuscular re-education exercises have helped me feel stronger and more energized than at any time of my adult life. Though most people would not know it, I was born with s-curve scoliosis and have spent nearly every moment with some form of pain or discomfort.

Eaton Chiropractic started me on a path of betterment and in one week of the exercises, I noticed a significant improvement in my pain levels. After two months, I felt better than I could ever remember.

Learning and living these exercises, along with chiropractic spinal adjustments, has improved my life.

Thank you to the Eaton Chiropractic Team !!!

—-  Sandra K.    7/2/12

I am coming to Eaton Chiropractic as a follow-up from being in a car accident in April. The therapy that I have received here from Dr. Scott and the team has helped me tremendously and my pain has eased up a good bit. Although I am in Indiana for vacation (from SC), I have enjoyed getting to know everyone here at Eaton Chiropractic and will miss everyone when I leave ( if I could bring you all with me back to SC I would). Thank you for taking care of me during my visit here in Indiana. Best wishes to you all!

—-  Sharon B.    7/2/12

I have Lupus and arthritis with herniated discs. Before coming to Eaton Chiropractic it was a challenge to get out of bed. Today after excellent treatment and care from Dr. Scott and Dr. Eaton along with the staff, I can function daily with little to no discomfort. I highly recommend Eaton Chiropractic if you would like to function normally and feel human again!

—-  Andrea O.    6/28/12

Dr. Eaton has allowed me to continue participating in athletics. His treatment program for my back allows me to continue my exercise regiment and play softball and other sports. I appreciate that he and his staff are personable and they have a variety of treatment options.

—-  Chris A.    6/22/12

I have had severe back and neck pain since 2005. I have been through years of regular chiropractic adjustments, physical and water therapy, ultra sound treatments, and even tried acupuncture. I aslo tried steroid injections. None of the above treatments healed me. They were just ” quick fixes” to my situation. The problem just kept re-occurring. Regular MDs just prescribed me pain medications and muscle relaxers that just knocked me out and temporarily masked the pain. I was referred to Eaton Chiropractic from a friend from work. She said Dr. Eaton had a different technique and didn’t hurt her like other chiropractors did. I met with Dr. Eaton and he set up a very detailed treatment plan and a very affordable payment plan. I have been doing decompression therapy on my neck for the last 4 weeks now, and the results are amazing ! After 7 years, I finally have my mobility back and the pain is minimal. Dr. Eaton is also doing treatment on my lower back and the pain is almost gone. His staff is very friendly and knowledgable at their jobs. I have learned more physical therapy exercises in the last 4 weeks than I have in the last 7 years of PT combined. Dr. Eaton is also educated on the natural supplements that are incorporated into the treatment plans. The supplements are all natural and help the body’s healing process. I am very happy with Eaton Chiropractic Center and recommend anyone with any type of pain to see Dr. Eaton and his staff!

—-  Mary C    6/7/12

I was experiencing migraines 2-3 times a week. With continued therapy I am now sleeping through the night and I have not had a migraine in a month! I am able to perform my job all day and still go home and enjoy time with my family.

—-  Mandy    3/6/12

I, Robert S., was having severe back pain on Tuesday January 24, 2012 after changing a tire late Monday the 23rd. I had heard my back pop not knowing my L5 was out of place. I could not walk or bend, let alone sit, it was very uncomfortable to deal with so I looked to find myself , in the yellow pages in the phone book, a doctor. I was hoping to find relief without surgery or pain killers. Dr. Eaton and his staff were good spirited people and took me right in and took x-rays to find the L5 was indeed out of place. They gave me a e-stim treatment ( I call it the electric chair) LOL. Straightened those muscles right up to relief, then the adjustment, well, B-E-A-UTIFUL! My back was much better. I was back to bending, lifting, and all duty work slinging beer kegs like nothing ever happened. Now where else can you go and get this kind of service.

Two days pain, five days rest, then back to full duty at work slinging kegs. Not once did they offer any drugs that I did not want to take. We need more people like your team Eaton!


—-  Robert S.    1/29/12

Dr. Eaton is a miracle worker! I came in with debilitating pain unable to perform even the slightest task. After the Doc touched me with his “miracle hands” and the therapeutic specialists helped restructure my habits, muscular misalignment, and trained me in core strengthening techniques, I truly began to heal. I have been simply adjusted before and the pain returns, but with the complete care offered at Eaton Chiropractic I am now feeling truly better. I complete my exercises daily and have adjusted my lifestyle to correct my poor habits and strengthen my core to avoid future agitation and injury.

Thank you Eaton Chiropractic for your wonderful service. I will recommend you to everyone I know. You have allowed me to get back to running my business.

—-  Justin W.    2/8/12

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome several  years ago. The doctor recommended surgery to cure the problem. A family member suggested chiropractic care and I was skeptical, but after receiving treatment I was able to sleep through the night and perform my job duties. With occasional adjustments for maintenance, I have been free of the shooting pain and numbness associated with CTS I had for 10 years. Thanks to Dr. Eaton and his staff I feel much better and am so glad I didn’t get surgery. It proves that chiropractic is for much more than just back pain!

—-  Darin M.    2012

I came to to Eaton Chiropractic at the end of December 2011. I have a preexisting back condition , and after a recent long haul journey my back just totally went out. I could barely stand up straight, lying down was uncomfortable in any position, and sitting down for long stretches was painful. After the first couple of visits I felt a lot of relief on my back, and having stuck to the exercise plan I can honestly say my back has improved a lot. I feel even better than I have for years prior to this minor incident last December . I have never been in chiropractic care, and I am so glad I came to Eaton Chiropractic because the staff is top class. They make me feel like a real person, and not just another patient to get rid of as soon as they can. Thanks to every single member of your team for fixing my back and allowing me to enjoy my daily life and chores again. I can’t thank you enough!

—- Titilayo A.    6/14/12

My son, Jeremiah, began having problems moving his head to the right shortly after he was born. Because of this, he always laid his head to the left which began flattening his head. I took him to a pediatric orthopedic doctor who said he had “Wry Neck” and gave me some exercises to help stretch his neck muscles. He screamed every time I turned his head, so I decided to take him to Dr. Eaton. After feeling around his neck he noticed a couple of his vertebrae were out of place. When he did some gentle manipulation Jeremiah began moving his head both ways without crying. It took a few adjustments, but now he has no problems whatsoever. We were so glad we didnt take the orthopedics advice and keep twisting his neck when his vertebrae were out of place! Dr. Eaton was so good & gentle with Jeremiah. Great Job!!!    

 —-  Courtney H.


Here we go!!!

Let me first start off by saying, if it weren’t for the team at Eaton Chiropractic, I would have not been able to achieve the running goals that I set for myself in the past 2 years. Dr. Matt has brought new life to the office. For years I saw Dr. Merrill and when I received the letter sean3.JPGthere was a new chiropractor in town I was really nervous. Dr. Merrill was able to correct a lot of spinal issues in a few adjustments, but could the new guy do the same for me? Well the day came.  I called Jean and asked, “How good is the new Doctor?” She told me a lot of Dr. Merrill’s old patients, such as yourself, really like him. But, you’ll have to come in and see for yourself. So I did. Now onto my story.

I started competitively running in April of 2007. After training for several months through the summer, I was preparing myself for the longest race I had ever run. It was the Tower of Terror 13Kat Walt Disney World. Two weeks before the race I started to have some minor back pain so Dr. Matt did a few adjustments and I was off to Florida to race. My family and I walked through the Disney parks for 3 days prior to running the Tower of Terror race and I developed some serious pain on the side of my right knee. I completed the race in 1hr. 03 min. placing 123rd out of 2500 runners, but I had a problem. I returned home and found a pediotrist that recommended, stop running, pain pills, physical therapy and HUNDREDS of dollars before he would do anything for me. I was not comfortable with the diagnosis. It just didn ‘t seem right. My wife suggested calling Dr. Matt and see if he could help. I remember calling doc on the phone and explained what was going on. I was able to get in the next morning and doc was able to diagnose my problem. Dr. Matt suggested, along with the adjustments, have Casey do some therapy on my legs and get scanned for orthotics, then we’ll see how you feel. Dr. Matt and Casey also educated me on the importance of stretching. My knee problems were a thing of the past!! Through the winter I continued running (training) for the Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon in May 2008. I didn’t stop running and  I didn’t take pain meds. Dr. Matt and Casey were awsome. When race day came I felt great. No knee problems, no back problems, just pure excitement!! I set a personal goal to finish my first 13.1 mile race in 1 hr. 40 min. But with the help of Jean, with her scheduling “squeeze me in’s”, Dr. Matt and Casey, I finished the Indy Half Marathon in 1 hr. 27 min. 43 sec. pl acing 372 out of 30,085 racers earning a finishers medal and a “Top 500 Club” medal to add to my collection of awards. Thank you to everyone at Eaton Chiropractic. I would not be able to run like I do if it wasn’t for the efforts of everyone in your office.
                                                                                                         —  Sean F.
As a professional dancer since my teens ( my occupation and passion) -injury, pain management, therpay and plus many surgeries are a part of life.  But the pain that started in muy hip about 10 months agoreally scared me- it got worse-then it went into my lowerback.  My balance, flexability, and dancing were going. came to Eaton Chiropractic because instinct said ” see a chiropractor first”- then the Eaton ad listed “Physiotherapy & postural Rehab”  This is smart beyond belief  to someone who makes a living being physical.  Dr Eaton also had the last name of my favorite post-surgery therapist-Wendy who turns out to be his cousin-in-law.  A scoliosis had formed (maybe in the last 10-12 years) in my lowerback putting pressure on my hip joint.  At the 5 week mark I am free of abnormal pain- my vertebrae are well on their way to being “adjusted into proper alignment” and I have been given a lifetime of core exercises to keep my core stable. The combination of adjustments, massage and well taught exercise cant be beat.  I came to Eaton Chiropractic and got a team.  That include the office staff as well… 
—-  Judy J.
Our grandson has walked pigeon toed since he started walking.  He is now nine years old.  Dr Eaton- through adjustments has straighten his feet out.  We were going to send him to a bone doctor….Dr Eaton is awesome!!! 
—-  Wendy S.
My name is Laura and I have been having lowerback pain for quite a while now.  Since my other Chiropractor retired I didnt really know who to go to.  So I went on the internet, and to the yellowpages and typed in chiropractors for the local area.  I saw Dr. Eatons name and clicked on it. Well I got to read the history on his practice and how much he’d helped people like Mr. Sean. I was really impessed by what people thought about him, and his practice so much so I called and made the appointment to see him that day. It’s made a big difference. I can sit and walk a lot better than I use to. I used to have sciatica problems.  I know I have sometime to go yet.  The staff is great and very kind.  I’ll miss them as my number of visits decrease.  I respect them all for their help and relief from pain .  If you have a question they will answer it.  I know I will be comming back in the future when I mess it up again.  He’s someone you can trust with your well being.
                                                                                                                                                       —-  Laura S.
We so much appreciated your great concern.  Thank You!!!
 —-  Wayne and Patricia L.

I came here by recomendation for back spasm’s and lower back pain. Since that time, i can truly say my condition has improved making work and every day life more comfortable!

—-  John H.

I had my doubts about seeing a Chiropractor(this was my first time). My back pain was so bad it hurt to walk, sit and I needed help getting out of bed, all because I had bent over to pick up a shoe.

My daughter and daught-in-law both are treated by a Chiropractor and strongly ecouraged me to give it a try. I don’t like the idea of pain medication to hode the problem. So here I am!

The staff is fantastic! I felt they were sincerly concerned about my discomfort. After 2 1/2 weeks of treatment I can honestly say I am pain free. Thank you Dr. Eaton and Staff!

These joints and back have supported me for 50+ years and with your help for many more!

—- Renee M.

Thank you Doc and to all the girls with the “magic hands”. I feel so much better now and could do more things with out the back pain holding me back. I know I’m not fully in the clear yet but at the rate I’mimproving I am confident I’ll be there soon. Thank you again guys, you’re the best!

—Renee F.

When I first came in here I was having trouble walking and standing from a sitting postition. Now I can walk with ease. I do still get tired if I’m on my feet for a long time. Standing is a lot easier.

—- Pat K.

The amount of headaches experienced dramatically reduced. The mobility in my neck radically increased. The overall pain in my neck and upper back greatly reduced. Overall health seems better.

—- Tamara G.

I have been coming to Dr. Eaton since Dr. Merrill retired and have gotten the best of care from Dr. Eaton. I have had assorted muslce problems and had several adjustments. The adjustment have been very helpful. My sciatic nerve has been acting up and with Dr.’s help with adjustments and the exercises he gave me to do, he has totally helped me 75%. All and all a wonderfull service from all the staff. Thankyou a lot.

—-  Andrea M.

I had stopped coming for a while, and I started having dizziness similar to vertigo. After going tothe docotr, and ENT, and emergency room, I started coming back for adjustments. The dizziness went away. I have had problems with my neck for over 20 years form a car accident injury. A Chiropractor has been the only relief of the pain for my situation. Dr. Eaton and his staff have been wonderfull!

—- Kim A.

I no longer have severe pain in my lower back and left arm!

—- Susan C.